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Highly active lipase with broad specificity towards short, medium and long chain fatty acids. Suitable for the effective hydrolysis of dairy and animal fats, oils and egg.
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26 Mar 2024
Unlocking the Power of Lipases: Exploring their Versatility
Hailed as the workhorses of biocatalysis, lipases are remarkable enzymes with a wide range of application across various industries.
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Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes for Improving Foaming Properties of Egg Whites
The main functional property of egg white is its high foaming capacity useful in a wide range of food applications.
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The Use of Enzymes for Dairy Flavour Enhancement
Enzymes have been used for centuries to produce flavour in dairy products. Traditionally flavour is generated by enzymes produced from microflora present in cheese, butter, or cream and time is required for these complex flavours to evolve. In more recent times the addition of exogenous (external source) enzymes to immature cheese, butter oil or cream has been used to speed this process up intensifying the flavour in hours and days instead of weeks and months.
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The Use of Enzymes in Egg Processing
Eggs are a valuable food source providing a natural source of many nutrients including high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, that are essential for healthy body growth and development.
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Application Solution
Versatile Enzyme for Hydrolysis and Esterification Reactions
How lipases from Candida cylindracea can be used for the selective hydrolysis of fatty acids to produce flavours and play a key role in rearranging fatty acids in triglycerides.
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29 May 2020
Using Lipases to Produce Nutritional Food Ingredients
Nutritional food ingredients take many shapes and forms, each delivering its own unique benefits to consumers. Lipases can be used to selectively hydrolyse fatty acids to improve the nutritional value of oil and fat substrates.
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29 Apr 2019
The Use of Enzymes in Nutraceuticals
Enzymes are frequently used, whether in digestive aid supplements, production of protein peptides or hydrolysates as healthy ingredients and even to produce Omega 3s with greater nutritional content.
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