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A company's most valuable asset is its employees. People. Process. Power. Our people are experts in their field; they are skilled specialists, and their behaviours fit in perfectly with the company aspirations.

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Why join Biocatalysts?
We are friendly, open, customer focused, and you will meet and work with a wonderful team of people who are always available to help and support you at any time. Whilst our people fulfil various roles, from production technicians, through to business development managers to the executive board, they each hold the same, strong values.

How we achieve results.

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We are a long-term thinking company and want to give you something to look forward to. Our destiny is in your hands and we want to actively engage you in creating a bright future. You will be encouraged to maximise your contribution to the success of the company in which high standards of performance are expected, encouraged, supported and rewarded.

Our people work with very little day-to-day supervision and working for us will suit those who value the freedom to plan and deliver their work in the way they want but whilst still meeting the necessary standards. Our communication goes both ways, and we use our annual employee survey to measure how our people are feeling and areas where we could do better.

We hire on potential, promote on talent and reward success. You will find people from all backgrounds here and we believe everyone has a part to play in making Biocatalysts a great place to work. We ensure our people know the company’s business strategy and how their role contributes to our continued growth and success.

Performance management at Biocatalysts is a continuous process and it reflects good management practices in setting direction, coaching, monitoring, feedback, recognition, measuring performance and should encourage development.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package to all our employees.

What you can expect.

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For anyone new joining the company, it’s important you are made to feel at home from day one. We always plan your induction, training and development programme in advance and on your first day.

During your first few weeks, we will share information such as our company mission, values, strategic objectives and simply explain the way things work around here. It is important for you to see how your role and responsibilities fit within the company, so we go through your objectives for the first three months and our aim is to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible and become successful.

Your induction is just the beginning. We are a knowledge-based company and to ensure we maintain our reputation of being technically excellent within the industry, training, learning, and development opportunities are available to everyone. Promotion is based on skills, potential and contribution.

You will have your own and ongoing Personal Development Review to help us understand your aspirations and growth and we will help you make the most of your talents.

Vacancies & CV Submissions.

We kindly invite you to use the portal to apply for open vacancies, or fill out the form below to submit your CV to be contacted if any future opportunities become available.

Data Protection: you can obtain information relevant to data protection regarding the handling of your application from the Privacy Notice on our website.

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