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Our people are experts in their field using a wide range of technical, commercial and regulatory capabilities to develop #BiobasedValue for our customers.

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Enzymes are in our DNA.
When it comes to the development and manufacture of enzymes it is in our DNA. Our philosophy has always been to combine our knowledge and the best technology available to provide customers with speciality enzymes that they look for.

Developing #BiobasedValue

We use our wide range of enzyme capabilities and years of experience to provide customers with customised, novel enzymes that will help them improve their processes in various ways, whilst also increasing their profit.

At Biocatalysts, we solve our customers’ problems in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, and if our current enzyme products aren’t suitable, we can go one step further and create a solution specifically for you.

We offer customised enzyme discovery, development and manufacturing. From identifying an enzyme that exists as a concept on a database, through to producing large scale commercial quantities of stable enzymes suitable for global shipment.

We have designed and built a state of the art manufacturing facility and put in place a vertically integrated manufacturing process that develops and optimises the production of novel enzymes, fermented proteins, and pharmaceutical biocatalysts, reducing both risk and time to market.

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Biocatalysts Ltd. based in Wales, UK.

We are a BRAIN group company.

BRAIN Technologiecampus high res
BRAIN Biotech AG based in Zwingenburg, Germany.

Established in 1983, Biocatalysts has been a member of the international BRAIN Group since 2018. BRAIN Biotech, a leading European industrial biotechnology specialist, is the parent company of the Group.

Next to first-class research and development services for industry customers to create bio-based products and processes, the Group distributes speciality ingredients, like enzymes or bioactive natural products. With fermentation and production facilities in Continental Europe, UK and the US, together with proprietary biotechnology platforms, completes the value chain within the group.

All BRAIN Biotech Group companies act as independent entities in the market, yet interconnect to synergise in R&D and production. Biocatalysts and BRAIN Biotech work closely together for the joint development of customised enzyme discovery, development and scale-up processes.

Together with our partners in the BRAIN Biotech Group we rely on biotechnology as a tool for a sustainable bio-economy and work towards the vision of creating a #BiobasedFuture.

Environmental, Health and Safety.

Biocatalysts Enzyme Manufacturing Plant

We maintain our working environment in a healthy, safe way and provide you with excellent facilities and equipment. We continue to protect the environment by taking our commitment further to reduce our waste and energy consumption.

Accreditations and Affiliations

To ensure the company delivers compliance in all areas, we live by these safety, environmental and quality standards:

To assure continuous regulatory compliance, Biocatalysts has memberships with the leading enzyme industry associations in Europe and North America, AMFEP and ETA:

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