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Biocatalysts is a biotechnology company with a global reach producing speciality enzymes at commercial scales for a variety of industries. Biocatalysts has used its wide range of technical, commercial and regulatory capabilities to develop #BiobasedValue for our customers.

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20 May 2024
Biocatalysts Ltd Completes Scale Up of Speciality Enzyme for Large Pharmaceutical Company Utilising its New Chromatography Facility
Newly installed advanced chromatography system at Cardiff site enables the production of high-purity speciality enzymes.
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16 May 2024
Papain: Nature's Proteolytic Powerhouse
In the world of protein hydrolysis, few enzymes rival the potency and versatility of papain. From enhancing protein digestibility to promoting sustainable solutions, papain offers a myriad of advantages across industries.
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26 Mar 2024
Unlocking the Power of Lipases: Exploring their Versatility
Hailed as the workhorses of biocatalysis, lipases are remarkable enzymes with a wide range of application across various industries.
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5 Mar 2024
Biocatalysts Ltd expands its Manufacturing Capabilities with Large-Scale Freeze Drying
This latest investment in large-scale freeze-drying onsite, enables greater customisation of solutions, tailoring enzyme formulations specific to customer and industry needs to offer flexibility and precision in enzyme formulation.
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28 Feb 2024
BRAIN Biotech AG publishes 3-month report with optimism to remain on solid growth path
Parent company, BRAIN Biotech AG today published its first quarter results, 3M 2023/24, remaining optimistic to stay on the growth path for fiscal year 2023/24
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Application Solution
MILK-O® for dairy processing and preservation
Our MILK-O® products offer a comprehensive range of solutions for dairy ingredients, contributing to cheesemaking, natural preservation, flavour enhancement, and lactose breakdown.
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BRAIN Annual Report
17 Jan 2024
Annual Report 2022/23: BRAIN Biotech AG successfully executes growth strategy
The Group´s consolidated revenue increased strongly to € 55.3 million in the 2022/23 financial year.
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5 Jan 2024
Top 5 Food Industry Trends emerging in 2024
As we move into the new year, a question on everyone’s mind is: What trends can we see emerging in 2024? This article reflects on the top trends of 2023 and what our Business Managers can see emerging as we ease into 2024
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24 Nov 2023
Biocatalysts Ltd Successfully Concludes Acquisitions, Elevating Status as Enzyme Partner of Choice
Biocatalysts Ltd successfully completes the acquisition of Breatec, WeissBioTech and Biosun from its parent company BRAIN Biotech AG, creating the Bioproducts division under the Biocatalysts brand.
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Application Solution
Enzymatic Hydrolysis for the Production of Collagen Peptides
Collagen is an extremely functional and valuable protein, with many perceived health benefits. The functionality of collagen can be further enhanced through hydrolysis by action of proteolytic enzymes for use in a wide number of applications.
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30 Aug 2023
BRAIN Biotech AG publishes solid 9M numbers
Despite further challenging economic conditions and continued R&D investments, parent company, BRAIN Biotech AG today published solid numbers in its 9M 2022/2023 results.
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22 Aug 2023
The Role of Enzymes in Food Sustainability
The food we eat and how its produced affects not only our health, but also the environment. There is a lengthy process that comes with getting food products from farm to supermarket including planting, growing, processing, transporting, developing, preparing, and consuming.
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