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Highly effective triacylglycerol lipase for the hydrolysis of short, medium and long chain fatty acids on all 3 positions of fat and oil substrates. Suitable for fat splitting and lecithin modification.
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26 Mar 2024
Unlocking the Power of Lipases: Exploring their Versatility
Hailed as the workhorses of biocatalysis, lipases are remarkable enzymes with a wide range of application across various industries.
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Application Solution
Versatile Enzyme for Hydrolysis and Esterification Reactions
How lipases from Candida cylindracea can be used for the selective hydrolysis of fatty acids to produce flavours and play a key role in rearranging fatty acids in triglycerides.
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29 May 2020
Biocatalysts Ltd Launch New Lipase for the Hydrolysis & Esterification of Oils & Fats
Lipases can be used to selectively hydrolyse triglycerides to liberate free fatty acids, Lipomod® 767P is a robust lipase enzyme that can hydrolyse short, medium and long chain fatty acids at all 3 positions on the triglyceride backbone.
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29 May 2020
Using Lipases to Produce Nutritional Food Ingredients
Nutritional food ingredients take many shapes and forms, each delivering its own unique benefits to consumers. Lipases can be used to selectively hydrolyse fatty acids to improve the nutritional value of oil and fat substrates.
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29 Apr 2019
The Use of Enzymes in Nutraceuticals
Enzymes are frequently used, whether in digestive aid supplements, production of protein peptides or hydrolysates as healthy ingredients and even to produce Omega 3s with greater nutritional content.
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