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Contract manufacturer of specialist pharmaceutical catalysts at both small and medium scale for the pharmaceutical market.

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Routine supply of pharma catalysts
Enzymes are used as catalysts for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. We have built a strong reputation within the pharma industry specialising in the technical transfer of enzyme expression, fermentation and downstream processing at commercial volumes.
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Biocatalysts Fermentation
Biocatalysts Enzyme Manufacturing Plant

Customised Enzyme Development & Manufacture

Biocatalysts Ltd helps many pharmaceutical clients at various stages of enzyme discovery, product-development, scale-up, and supply, for applications in a wide range of processes. We have built a standalone business model specifically to support this approach, leveraging our short response times, our history in commercialising novel enzymes, and our lab-to-plant manufacturing scales. This minimises risk when commercialising enzymes for pharmaceutical applications, and ensures we can support existing R&D and campaign projects seamlessly.

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