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A microbial endopeptidase preparation with broad substrate specificity for processing extracted collagen and gelatin. This enzyme can be used to efficiently hydrolyse beef, pork and fish extracted collagen and gelatin to increase solubility, reduce viscosity and produce lower molecular weight peptides. Promod® 128L has been designed specifically with a unique combination of peptidase activities to achieve a high degree of hydrolysis of collagenous material.
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Application Solution
Enzymatic Hydrolysis for the Production of Collagen Peptides
Collagen is an extremely functional and valuable protein, with many perceived health benefits. The functionality of collagen can be further enhanced through hydrolysis by action of proteolytic enzymes for use in a wide number of applications.
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3 Jul 2023
Biocatalysts Ltd Launch Protease Preparation for the Manufacture of High Value Collagen Peptides
Enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme, Promod® 128L, developed specifically with a unique formulation of endopeptidase activities for the effective hydrolysis of extracted collagen in producing neutral tasting collagen peptides.
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