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Carbohydrate Modification

DEPOL® custom enzyme solutions are used as processing aids for the modification of carbohydrates to provide flavour, colour and texture.

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DEPOL® carbohydrate modifications
Enzymes are natural and powerful processing aids used to access valuable functionality in the production of natural sweeteners. Within the healthy carbohydrate market, enzymes can be used to assist in the release of natural sugar molecules from plant material, enhance the sweetness properties, produce bulking agents and prebiotics from simple sugars.
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Depol 385L
High per­for­mance beta-glu­canase enzyme, suit­able for effec­tive hydrol­y­sis of beta-glu­cans in plant mate­r­i­al to reduce vis­cos­i­ty and improve extractions.
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Depol 40L
A broad-spec­trum endo-car­bo­hy­drase for use in effec­tive mac­er­a­tion of botan­i­cal tis­sue for the effi­cient extrac­tion of active flavours from their bound inac­tive forms.
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Depol 761P
Spe­cialised car­bo­hy­drase with no detectable side activ­i­ties ide­al for use in sol­u­ble fibre extraction.
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Depol 793L
A mul­ti-func­tion­al enzyme con­tain­ing beta-glu­canase, pecti­nase and cel­lu­lase activ­i­ties to deliv­er max­i­mum mac­er­a­tion of plant tis­sues for a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent applications.
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Liq­uid bac­te­r­i­al alpha-amy­lase for starch liquefaction
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Liq­uid fun­gal alpha-amy­lase for enhanced saccharification
More Information
Beta-glucosidase 16L
An exo-car­bo­hy­drase with high beta-glu­cosi­dase activ­i­ty for releas­ing flavour com­pounds from their inac­tive glu­co­side form.
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Cellulase 13L
A high per­for­mance cel­lu­lase with beta-glu­canase and beta-glu­cosi­dase side activ­i­ties to con­tribute to a com­plete cel­lu­lose breakdown.
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