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Our state-of-the-art Bakery Application Centre in Nieuwkuijk provides specialist customised functional ingredients for bakery and flour milling industries.

Expertise meets innovation
Welcome to our world of baking enzymes and functional ingredients, where expertise meets innovation. With a complete portfolio designed for the milling and baking industry, we offer a spectrum of solutions, from enzymes to emulsifiers, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experience in handling various baked goods and intricate baking processes empowers us to seamlessly integrate small-scale bake lab tests into full-scale production. We take pride in our technical support, providing customised solutions that address both your unique customer requirements and the ever-evolving trends in the baking industry.
Specialised Enzyme Solutions for Bread and Fine Bakeries

Discover a world of possibilities for your bakery products with our advanced BakemyL enzymes and formulations. Our extensive portfolio covers all major enzyme groups, catered to bread and fine bakery ingredients formulators seeking concentrated enzymes for premium quality at cost-effective prices. We focus on optimising your products for exceptional visual appeal, volume, texture, and fresh keeping, while streamlining processes with enhanced dough handling and fermentation. We also address current industry trends, offering gluten and emulsifier alternatives or solutions for fibre enriched and whole meal applications.

Flour correction for Flour Millers and Pasta & Noodle Producers

Introducing FlomoD our cutting-edge solutions for the flour milling and pasta & noodle production industries: a comprehensive line of enzyme formulations designed to address the unique challenges faced by flour millers. We understand the critical importance of adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of wheat mixes and harvest variations throughout the year. Our enzymatic treatments provide tailored solutions, ensuring that your flour consistently meets quality specifications, optimising crucial characteristics like water absorption, rheological properties, and gluten development. We empower you to balance variations and reduce costs without compromising on the quality of your final product.

Sophisticated Improver Solutions for Industrial Bakeries

Presenting our innovative PanTec and PasTec, a full range of enzyme-based baking solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by industrial bakeries. With our carefully formulated bread and pastry improvers, we're committed to help you overcome the multifaceted obstacles that define your industry. Whether it's the pursuit of consistent product quality, enhanced production efficiency, staying competitive in a dynamic market, addressing ingredient sourcing and cost concerns, or ensuring compliance with stringent food safety regulations – we've got you covered. Our technological expertise empowers you to meet these challenges head-on while staying attuned to evolving market trends. Whatever your baking application, from sandwich bread to pastries and gluten-free products, our solutions are designed to deliver unwavering quality and performance.

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For more information on our product portfolio or how our industry experts can support your product development in our state-of-the-art bakery application centre, click below.

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