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Pineapple Bromelain
1 May 2023
Bromelain: Powerful proteolytic enzyme
The unique combination of proteolytic activities makes Bromelain a real workhorse enzyme across numerous industries, from dairy protein hydrolysates and meat tenderisation in the food industry, to beer clarification and even pharmaceutical and dietary supplements.
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Application Solution
The Use of Enzymes in Dairy Protein Hydrolysates
Whey and casein protein hydrolysates are valuable ingredients with nutritional and functional benefits.
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Biocatalysts Infant Formula Dairy
30 Apr 2021
The Role of Dairy Proteins in Foods for Special Medical Purposes
The exceptional nutritional value and abundance of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in dairy proteins means they still have a considerable role to play in the development of nutritional products and foods, especially in foods for special medical purposes (FSMP).
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Shutterstock 151417415
21 May 2018
Five Ways Enzymes can Improve your Whey Protein Hydrolysate
Whey protein is a valuable ingredient adding many health benefits to the various products it is incorporated into. Enzymes are a simple yet effective way of improving existing whey products to keep up with current food trends.
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