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Precision Fermentation – a bio-based route to alternative protein

Modern biotechnology opens avenues to expand the use of microorganisms on an unprecedented scale to help build sustainable systems for healthy food production.

Published 25 July 2022
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The promise of precision fermentation

We harness the power of microorganisms to produce proteins that provide the desired nutrients and functionalities. Precisely developed microorganisms that are cultivated in fermenters have the potential to produce any selected protein, of elusive origin, particular composition or desirable functionality, to an outstanding degree of purity.

To demonstrate the power and versatility of the precision fermentation approach, we used microbial fermentation to produce three model proteins of potential value for human nutrition.

These protein examples come from a plant, an animal and from a probiotic gut bacterium respectively. As every microbial platform has its preferences when it comes to expressing proteins, we took advantage of our own range of production platforms to choose the ones best suited.

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Together with BRAIN Biotech, we offer a full set of available technologies and capabilities to discover, develop and manufacture novel fermented ingredients.

— Andrew Ellis, Technical & Compliance Director at Biocatalysts Ltd
Biocatalysts Enzyme Manufacturing Plant
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