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The Future of Pet Food Ingredients

Microbial alternative to papain with a broad substrate specificity for efficient hydrolysis of meat and fish protein for pet food palatant production.

Published 16 December 2020
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Enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme Promod® 971MDP.

It has been developed specifically for the pet food industry and complements their recently launched Lipomod® 888MDP. Offering pet food palatants producers and pet food ingredient suppliers an alternative to papain and pancreatic lipase for use in their product manufacturing processes. Promod® 971MDP (P971MDP) has been designed as a microbial alternative to papain, its high enzymic activity and cost in use as well as supply continuity and product quality makes it a genuine substitute for papain.

P971MDP has broad substrate specificity, that efficiently hydrolyses both animal and fish protein, which increases solubility and reduces viscosity helping with the extrusion and production of the finished product.

Use of this enzyme can also improve the digestibility of the protein which in turn enhances nutrition uptake which is an important factor to be taken into consideration when developing new pet foods. Hydrolysis with P971MDP exposes the fats present in the substrate giving easier access to lipases such as L888MDP, these two enzymes together can provide improved savoury flavours, another important element, you could say the most important when producing palatants.

Biocatalysts Ltd are dedicated to providing a range of microbial alternative enzymes across the food and pet food industries, giving customers a choice of animal or microbial derived enzymes to meet their individual requirements.

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