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Biocatalysts Ltd Completes First Scale Up of Speciality Enzyme for Large Pharmaceutical Company Utilising new Large-Scale Chromatography Facility

Published 20 May 2024
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Biocatalysts Ltd has successfully completed the large-scale manufacture of a speciality ligase for a major pharmaceutical company. A newly installed advanced chromatography system, which the enzyme company installed at its Cardiff site last year, was used to purify the enzyme molecules after the fermentation process.

Chromatography is used to separate and concentrate a desired product from other soluble substances and to remove remaining impurities and obtain a high product purity.

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High purity enzymes, such as ligases and polymerases are increasingly being used in pharmaceutical and larger scale manufacturing applications. The successful scale up of this speciality ligase represents one of a number of current projects at our Cardiff site for the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets using our latest advanced purification technology

— Daren Bryce, VP of Food & Pharmaceuticals at Biocatalysts Ltd

The addition of large-scale chromatography to Biocatalysts’ downstream processing capabilities aligns with the multi-year manufacturing expansion plans, enabling the production of high-purity speciality enzymes in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries as well as purifying proteins in the rapidly growing precision fermentation market.

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