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Microbial alternative to pancreatic lipase for broad hydrolysis of fat substrates for the generation of flavour compounds to improve pet food palatability.
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26 Mar 2024
Unlocking the Power of Lipases: Exploring their Versatility
Hailed as the workhorses of biocatalysis, lipases are remarkable enzymes with a wide range of application across various industries.
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Application Solution
Enzymes for Superior Palatability of Pet Food
Combinations of proteases and lipases can be used to hydrolyse meat by-products and plant-based proteins to produce palatants. Palatants are flavours specifically produced by enzymically breaking down animal fats and proteins to give a sensory boost to pet food.
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6 Apr 2020
Biocatalysts Ltd launch Microbial Alternative to Pancreatic Lipase for Pet Food Market
The latest addition to Biocatalysts range of microbial enzymes for savoury flavour generation for pet food ingredient production.
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