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29th October 2015


The Future Of Enzyme Development

The Future of Enzyme Development There are constantly technical advances in enzyme development and manufacture. This is leading to the timescales and costs associated with creating a unique enzyme being reduced. Our whitepaper discusses what the future may hold and how far away we are from achieving it.

Could this be the future of enzyme development?

The prompts on the screen ask what my target substrate is and what my desired end product is. A couple more clicks to select desired pH and temp optima and deactivation conditions, then I select a panel size of 20 enzymes, send my order off, and wait. Seven days later a bespoke panel of active, soluble, cell-free extracts arrive in the lab.

I can screen them to confirm which is the most efficient, safe in the knowledge that any hits can be immediately scaled-up and purchased as products fit for my particular application. The panel consists of entirely synthetic enzymes, which may or may not exist in nature, but are nonetheless designed using predictions and rules obtained from nature and applied to my reaction. The panel costs the equivalent of £100 per enzyme, and the output is an enzyme product that meets my exact process needs and could be ready to use in factory trials within 3 months.

Perhaps this is a pipedream – a “point and click” approach to developing new enzymes. But are we really so far from this being a reality? What are the key bottlenecks, and how close are we to seeing such a service?

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