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24th May 2022


Plant Proteins – How to Improve their Functional Properties with Enzyme Know-How

Proteins are one of the essential components for growth and maintenance of the human body. Protein has historically been consumed from animal-derived sources, but as the global population continues to grow there has been a significant drive for alternative and sustainable sources of food protein. This whitepaper reviews the continued trend for incorporating plant protein into food products and how enzymes play a role in improving their versatility and functionality, and how unlocking these benefits can produce highly valuable protein or protein-derived ingredients.

The whitepaper summarises the key plant substrates; soy, wheat, pea, oat, lentils, chickpea and rice protein hydrolysates and how these are being utilised in food formulations to meet the market trends and growing health concerns and sustainability issues. And as the field of protein is continuing to evolve and food ingredient manufacturers strive to innovate, this whitepaper includes a brief nod to what is coming next on the protein horizon.

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To accompany this whitepaper, we have a technical bulletin available which outlines our protease products that can be used to improve the functionality of plant proteins including; wheat gluten, soy, pea and potato to increase their versatility as an ingredient in food products. View technical bulletin