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7th March 2016


Novel Enzyme Discovery using Metagenomics

Enzyme Discovery

Novel Enzyme Discovery using MetagenomicsSignificant technological advances over the past decade have allowed for a gigantic leap forward for enzyme discovery. Today, enzyme discovery is both fast and cost-effective.

Two major advances underpin these improvements:

  1. The amount of genetic information available for enzyme
  2. Advances in computing allowing for rapid screening of
    genetic information.

Use of Metagenomic Libraries to Discover New Enzymes

Vast collections of DNA and microbial strains are now common place in the toolbox of enzymologists; with genomic and metagenomic
DNA libraries, sourced from a huge variety of interesting locations, exploited rapidly through cutting edge bioinformatics methods.

This whitepaper looks at how Biocatalysts Ltd uses metagenomics to rapidly access novel variants of known enzyme types to find the
right enzyme variant for your biotransformation.

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