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29th March 2019


Enzyme Discovery: Maximising Success using Nature’s Biodiversity

nature-biodiversityThis paper is an introduction to Biocatalysts’ and BRAIN’s metagenomic based solutions to identify novel enzymes with specific functions to meet the requirements of our customers. We explain the differences and the benefits of ‘Sequence-Driven’ and ‘Function-Driven Metagenomics’ and why this powerful combination gives the best opportunity to access nature’s biodiversity to select the right approach for your enzyme needs.

“Together Biocatalysts and BRAIN offer a winning combination of technical solutions to directly extract, identify and produce the right enzyme candidates for any application needs. Both activity-based strategies and the MetXtra™ platform offer a fast and efficient way of bringing metagenomic enzymes into application for our customers..” – Dr Jürgen Eck, Chief Executive Officer BRAIN AG

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