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11th November 2016


Discovering, Developing & Manufacturing New Enzymes for the Food Industry

Discovering, Developing & Manufacturing New Enzymes for the Food IndustryEnzymes have been used across the food industry for many years in areas such as dairy, fruit & vegetable processing, functional protein manufacture,
flavour generation, egg ingredient manufacture and many more.

There are numerous benefits provided by enzymes, for example, increasing yield and throughput, solving filtration and other process problems, reducing waste and/or adding value to co-products and producing new natural flavours, colours or textures.

Most food companies that are utilising enzymes would generally be using an off-the-shelf enzyme from an enzyme provider. At Biocatalysts we have a wide range of standard enzymes available. However, many are now realising that in a highly competitive market, using the same enzymes as everyone else is not truly maximising the power of enzymes. To meet innovation targets and give added competitive advantage, what food manufacturers require is an unique enzyme that has been developed and manufactured for their specific application.

Discovering, developing and manufacturing new enzymes for the food industry has previously been an expensive and long process. However, advances in various areas of biotechnology, such as metagenomics, gene synthesis, in vitro transcription/translation and structure/function relationships, means the process has become more time and cost effective. Previously the cost of customised enzymes was way beyond most food companies apart from the large multi-nationals. Now, they are accessible to all.

This whitepaper looks into how food manufacturers can benefit from these reductions in cost and time.

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