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Technical Bulletin 21st March 2021

The Use of Enzymes in Egg Processing

Enzymes can be used to further improve the quality of these functional ingredients, from improving the emulsification of egg yolks, to increasing egg white foaming capacity and producing a non-bitter tasting protein hydrolysate . At Biocatalysts, our knowledge, expertise, and products mean all your enzyme requirements for processing eggs can be satisfied. This technical bulletin will take you through each enzyme available and detail the different ways which they can improve your egg processes, giving you an added competitive advantage.

Technical Bulletin 24th June 2020

Candida rugosa lipase – A Versatile Enzyme for Hydrolysis and Esterification Reactions.

Take a look at our technical paper on how lipases from Candid rugosa can be used for the selective hydrolysis of fatty acids to produce flavours and play a key role in rearranging fatty acids in triglycerides through esterification and interesterification reactions to produce healthy oils, biodiesels and for synthesis of intermediates. Click to read more.

Technical Bulletin 3rd April 2020

Yeast Expression Platforms at Biocatalysts Ltd

This technical bulletin provides a review of the expression platforms available at Biocatalysts Ltd for the production of recombinant proteins, with particular focus on the well-established inhouse yeasts expression platform based on the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris and the dimorphic yeast Yarrowia lipolytica*.

Technical Bulletin 2nd January 2020

Principles of an Enzyme Assay

This technical bulletin discusses the importance of using and validating the correct enzymic assay when developing and optimising a new enzyme. This paper introduces the most common types of assay available and the process by which the Biocatalysts Ltd assay team ensure the assay selected is robust, reproducible and accurate. All important features that are required to validate an assay.