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Technical Bulletin 10th August 2022

The Use of Enzymes for Superior Palatability of Pet Food

Pet foods are primarily made from meat and fish by-products, and feed grains. These by-products can be modified to increase their value in creating higher quality pet food ingredients. This technical bulletin describes how combinations of enzyme activities can be used to hydrolyse meat by-products and plant-based proteins to improve the texture, nutrition and palatability of pet food products.

Technical Bulletin 19th July 2022

The Use of Enzymes for Improving Foaming Properties of Egg Whites

The main functional property of egg white is its high foaming capacity useful in a wide range of food applications. This technical bulletin outlines some of the challenges impacting optimal foaming capacity and stability and how these can be addressed using enzymes.

Technical Bulletin 24th November 2021

The Use of Enzymes for Dairy Flavour Enhancement

This technical bulletin focuses on enzyme modified dairy ingredients (EMDI) production as an example of what our enzymes can achieve for dairy flavour enhancement. This includes microbial lipases and proteases for flavoursome Kosher, Halal and vegetarian products.


Technical Bulletin 6th May 2021

The Use of Enzymes in Dairy Protein Hydrolysates

Whey and casein protein hydrolysates are valuable ingredients with nutritional and functional benefits. On the downside, hydrolysis of these two dairy proteins very often have an undesirable taste or texture, meaning the blander the protein hydrolysate, the better. A simple yet effective way to improve your dairy protein hydrolysate and set your product apart is by using enzymes. This technical bulletin will introduce you to the use of enzymes for improving dairy protein hydrolysates with detailed application information.