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Staff Charter

Biocatalysts is a customised enzyme discovery, development and manufacturing company based in the UK with a subsidiary in Illinois, USA. We work with our customers, many of which are the top blue chip food companies, to provide unique enzyme solutions that will help them solve process problems, valorise waste, facilitate a biochemical reaction or deliver competitive advantage through using a unique product.

Biocatalysts strives to be a business-excellent Company that gives world-class satisfaction to its customers; is seen to be technically excellent in the world of industrial enzymes; offers a good return to its shareholders and an excellent working environment for its staff.


This Charter aims to ensure that staff knows fully what is expected of them but also what they can expect from working at Biocatalysts. It is complimented by having very strong cultural values of the Company, seeks to promote positive relationships and good employment practice as a necessary part of achieving the Company’s mission and goals.

We do not just focus on the present; we are a long-term thinking Company and want to give you something to look forward to. Our destiny is in your hands and we want to actively engage you in creating a bright future.

Our Cultural Values

Biocatalysts is always striving to be ‘Best in Class’ in everything we do and this is underpinned by our values which aim to provide framework that reflects the  behaviours we will recognise, reward and endorse.

Leadership and Management

You will benefit from effective management and leadership skills and you can expect a high level of responsibility and control over your work as we encourage people to do their job in their own way. Your Managers and Supervisors are encouraged to learn and develop in both management techniques and the business function that they control.

Learning and Development

You will be given a comprehensive induction programme on joining the Company and be encouraged to realise your full potential in your role by learning new skills to enhance your expertise. The Company will ensure that you will have the opportunity to participate in development (by whatever means) relevant to the company needs.

Our growth strategy will be unsustainable without a focused and long term approach on talent management that will identify the need for different and unique capabilities from our people to help future proof the company.

A formal personal development review will take place at least once per year. This ensures that your career development is fully in line with the company’s needs and your development is owned by you continues at a pace you are happy with.

Performance Assessments

Performance management at Biocatalysts is a continuous process and it reflects good management practices in setting direction, coaching, monitoring, feedback, recognition, measuring performance and should encourage development.

We expect all employees to behave and perform in a World Class manner to support and drive the business forward and we value the results of regular one to ones and assessments on staff performance.  Assessments are based on performance in two key areas, namely performance against departmental targets (or your contribution to them) and behaviour. Staff that do well on targets but whose behaviour does not match that required by the Company will never do well overall in the Biocatalysts performance management system. No one wants to work in an environment that is made unpleasant by the inappropriate behaviour from any member of staff.

Environmental, Health and Safety

We will maintain our working environment in a healthy, safe way and provide you with excellent facilities and equipment.  We continue to protect the environment by taking our commitment further to reduce our waste and energy consumption.


To ensure the Company delivers in all areas, it adopts several business standards. These are:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • Food Safety System FSSC 22000
  • EFQM Business Excellence model

Communication and Involvement

We ensure our people know the company’s business strategy and plan and how their role contributes to our continued growth and success with regular updates on company performance and positive highlights from our Managing Director.

It is important that our communication goes both ways and we use our annual employee survey to measure how our people are feeling and areas where we could do better.  We also have our employee focus group, with representatives from every department and meet regularly to put forward ideas for improvement.

We publish our very own Biochat newsletter which is filled with news about what’s going on around the company, what improvements we are working on to benefit our customers and updates on what our people are doing in work and at home.

We will encourage ideas and feedback from staff on communication and involvement through our innovations forum and employee focus group so that we can find better ways of improving and achieving this goal.

This is an open Company.  Most information about the Company is freely available except for confidential information on our customers and their products.  If anyone needs to know anything, simply ask your line manager.


You will be encouraged to maximise your contribution to the success of the Company in which high standards of performance are expected, encouraged, supported and rewarded. You do this by striving to learn how to do your job more efficiently.  Our people work with very little day-to-day supervision and working for us will suit those who value the freedom to plan and deliver their work in the way they want but whilst still meeting the necessary standards.

Working Environment

Working in a messy and untidy environment is unpleasant, inefficient and unsafe. Hence, maintaining tidy desks, offices, laboratories and factory are key to having a first class environment to work in.  If you encounter a problem, which includes problems with electrical items like lights, decoration, plumbing etc, it is your duty to report it to the Facilities’ Co-ordinator.

Balancing Work and Personal Commitments

We are flexible and supportive and will help you to balance home and work commitments. This is achieved without compromising our world class customer satisfaction.

Social Responsibilities

We will endeavour to conduct our business in an environmentally sound way and play an active part in being a beacon of business excellence in the local community.  We provide opportunities for work experience; undertake regular charity events and many staff contributes to payroll giving through their salary.

Fairness & Equality

We are a global, successful company and opportunities are open to everyone who can demonstrate the right skills and behaviours for the role.  We hire on potential, promote on talent and reward success.  You will find people from all backgrounds here and we believe everyone has a part to play in making Biocatalysts just a great place to work.


You have stated that you do not have a valid UK work permit. You must have a valid work permit to work for Biocatalysts and therefore we must reject your application.