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2nd November 2015


Produce Superior Tasting Whey Protein Hydrolysates Using Biocatalysts Enzymes

Biocatalysts Ltd specialises in a wide variety of enzymes for the food industry. Included in this is our Promod™ range which is used for the modification and hydrolysis of food proteins. Promod™ 782MDP is the newest addition to this family of Biocatalysts enzymes and is used to decrease bitterness and produce superior tasting whey protein hydrolysates.

A whey protein hydrolysate that is bland and non-bitter is ideal for adding to beverages and powdered mixes without detrimentally affecting the flavour of the end product. A bland flavour allows it to be added at higher concentrations in the end application without the need for the addition of bitter masking agents. Promod™ 782MDP will achieve this desired bland taste, allowing the manufacturer to lower costs and reduce production time spent adding masking agents to improve the flavour of the end product.

Promod™ 782MDP can be used alone or in conjunction with other flavour enhancing enzymes, such as Flavorpro™ 750MDP, to achieve a superior tasting whey protein hydrolysate that will differentiate your product from others already on the market.

To find out more information on Promod™ 782MDP please download the datasheet or alternatively email