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10th November 2015


New Financial Year for Biocatalysts Heralds Further Expansion Plans

2014-15 was another good year for Biocatalysts as the growth in customised enzyme development and manufacture continues. As we continue to drive the cost of novel enzyme production down, we are attracting more interest from those who previously thought this option prohibitively expensive.

In addition to cutting the costs, we are also cutting the time it takes to produce these novel enzymes. This benefits commercially focused customers enormously – the sooner the launch, the sooner the profits start hitting the bottom line.

We are constantly adding new capabilities to our portfolio and in the coming financial year will start our biggest extension to date. The new facility will offer additional fermentation and downstream processing capacity, as well as other supporting technologies. We will continue to use our “Design for Manufacture” approach where every enzyme we develop is created with large scale manufacturing in mind and the long term needs of our customers. This could take the form of alternative product forms e.g. micro-granulates or additional levels of certification e.g. food grade, country of origin.

Details of all new products, services and capabilities being offered will be uploaded onto our new website.