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23rd October 2017


New Carbohydrate Modifying Enzyme Panel to be launched at FIE17

Carbohydrate-Modifying-enzyme-panelBiocatalysts has announced that they will be exhibiting at Food Ingredients Europe this year, which is being held in Frankfurt, Germany 28th – 30th November 17. The company will be launching an exciting new enzyme panel for the food industry, which is aimed at companies that are developing products to address the current trends of sugar reduction and soluble fibre inclusion.

Biocatalysts has undertaken many enzyme projects to develop and manufacture exclusive carbohydrate modifying enzymes for customers in the food industry. Knowing that this is a major area for development in the food industry, Biocatalysts has developed a new panel of carbohydrate modifying enzymes that food scientists can use to aid product development in this space. This enzyme panel will consist of various small samples of enzymes which have been discovered to be specifically active on carbohydrates such as xylan, pectin and manan. These types of carbohydrates can be enzymatically modified to add value to various food applications. Examples of this include, building polymers and oligosaccharides from simple monomeric and dimeric sugars or reducing large complex carbohydrate polymers to smaller oligosaccharides for use as soluble fibre or bulking agents.

Biocatalysts will be displaying the new enzyme panels on their booth and will be running a competition for one lucky winner to take a panel away with them. To be in with a chance of winning, simply drop by Booth P50 in Hall 8 and leave a business card.

Alongside this new product launch, Biocatalysts will be showcasing their capabilities in enzyme discovery, development and manufacture, which responds to the need for unique enzymes in the food industry to drive innovation and differentiate products from your competitors. The process of taking a new enzyme from concept to routine manufacture has previously been an expensive and lengthy process, but Biocatalysts is continuously breaking down these barriers. The latest addition to Biocatalysts’ capabilities is their new MetXtra proprietary platform, which has further reduced the cost and time that it takes to identify, rationally select and produce novel enzyme samples for testing.

Daren Bryce, Commercial Director at Biocatalysts commented, “With the food industry moving at a fast pace, innovation is key if food companies want to stay ahead of the game. There are a limited number of ingredients, processes and standard enzymes available and chances are, if you’re using them then so are your competitors. The ideal situation would be for food manufacturers to have access to unique solutions at a cost and timeframe that suits. This is where Biocatalysts come in.”

For more information on Biocatalysts’ new carbohydrate modifying enzyme panel or enzyme discovery, development and manufacturing capabilities, visit Hall 8 Booth P50 or alternatively email