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31st July 2021


Lipomod™ 4MDP Dairy Flavours Tech Summary

Cheese Flavours

Cheese Flavours Biocatalysts Ltd offer off-the-shelf enzymes for enzyme modified dairy ingredients (EMDI’s).
This is our range of kosher, halal and vegetarian enzymes for modifying dairy ingredients such as cream, butter oil, mild cheese and cheese off-cuts, to enhance the flavour profiles of your EMDI’s.
Our range of Lipomod™, Promod™ and Flavorpro™ enzymes create a wide range of flavour note combinations you can implement into your manufacturing process, adding depth and authenticity to the end product.

Biocatalysts Ltd Dairy Flavours - Download Summary

Download our technical summary of Lipomod™ 4MDP, Biocatalysts Ltd’s new product for the dairy ingredients flavour market. Find out what makes our enzyme a valuable addition to your process to achieve mature dairy flavours using less time and product. Learn what benefits can be achieved from using enzymes and how we can support your enzyme modified dairy ingredient innovation.