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17th November 2016


Glycoenzymes for Bioindustries

Through an Innovate UK funded project, Biocatalysts are working with academic and commercial partners to generate glycoenzymes which can be directly commercialised as a toolkit for glycoscience and Industrial Biotechnology applications, and evaluated for novel advanced manufacturing applications.

Glycoenzymes are responsible for the biosynthesis of all glycans and glycoconjugates and as such provide a rich source of biocatalysts for industrial applications; however, few glycoenzymes are commercially available.

This project will translate existing academic work in the production of an expanded toolkit of glycoenzymes suitable for transformational potential in: diagnostics, biologics and nutraceuticals, but with broader applications which can be satisfied via commercial scale enzyme production.

The consortium is made up of:
Project Lead: The University of Manchester│Professor Sabine Flitsch & Professor Nicholas Turner
Project Partner: John Innes Centre│Professor Rob Field
Project Partner: Newcastle University│Dr David Bolam
Project Partner: Institute of Food Research│Dr Nathalie Juge
Commerical Partner: Ludger Ltd
Commerical Partner: Biocatalysts Ltd
Subcontractor: Prozomix Ltd

If you would like to learn more information regarding this project please visit the dedicated Glycoenzymes for Bioindustries website.