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5th November 2015


Differentiate your Product using Unique Enzymes

Have you ever wanted to differentiate your product from the competition? An increasing number of companies, across a range of industries, are looking to the unique functional capabilities of speciality enzymes to help them achieve this. But what if the enzyme you have identified isn’t available commercially? Where do you go from there?

Academic institutions are one route, however when it comes to scaling up for a commercial process you are going to need kilogram rather than gram amounts. For a fast and cost effective solution, Biocatalysts offer a unique Enzyme Development & Manufacturing Service. This commercially focused service encompasses the cloning, optimisation, scale-up and routine manufacture of intra and extra-cellular enzymes across a wide variety of sectors including food, flavour, fragrance and non-food applications.

Biocatalysts’ ”design for manufacture” approach enables risks to be mitigated by developing an enzyme manufacturing process that is technically and commercially robust. Ultimately, Biocatalysts has the ability to transform a concept into a routinely manufactured enzyme in less than 12 months. This provides their customers with a competitive advantage by providing an opportunity to cost effectively differentiate their product in a short timescale.

Stringent project management means Biocatalysts sole emphasis is on achieving their client’s specific objectives, whether they are to save money or achieve a bespoke enzyme product.

For further information on Biocatalysts Enzyme Development & Manufacturing Service download our brochure or alternatively email