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11th November 2015


Biotechnology: The Importance of Networking

Our business is all about communication and we know many other companies are the same.

However in our industry, where the technical intricacies of a project can be challenging to say the least, what we say and where we say it are crucial.

Interestingly, we find that “word of mouth” is still a popular reason why people come to us. We have many unofficial ambassadors of Biocatalysts that have worked with us and understand the breadth and depth of what we do and are always keen to pass this information on. This prompts a web search and so the process starts. Due to the wide variety of capabilities that we offer it would be impossible to tell each individual prospect what we do, especially as no one customer needs them all! Events, such as BIO International Convention and the World Congress of Biotechnology, bring together like minded individuals into an environment where information can be exchanged and contacts made. Noticeably this year at these events there was a wider cross section of attendees.

Industries sectors such as food and flavour are now attending these events as the desire to establish competitive advantage to differentiate either the company or a product or both, drives people to look outside the traditional routes to market.

Our involvement in a wide range of conferences, exhibitions and partnering events is well publicised on our website.