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27th October 2015


Biocatalysts, your one stop shop for Dairy Enzymes

Are you looking for just one supplier who can cater for all your dairy enzyme needs?

Thanks to Biocatalysts this is now possible as they have a wide range of enzymes suitable for use in many dairy applications including enzyme modified cheese, accelerated ripening and functionality.

Biocatalysts dairy enzymes range from the popular enzyme Lipomod™ 691P to the brand new Lipomod™ 801MDP.

Lipomod™ 691P is a mixed fingal lipase offering an animal-free alternative for EMC production. L691P produces a rounded creamy flavour.

Lipomod™ 768MDP is a mixed fungal esterase.  It is useful for producing a unique free fatty acid profile.

Lipomod™ 801MDP is the newest addition to Biocatalysts dairy enzyme range.

L801MDP has been specifically designed to match the performance and flavour profile of its animal counterpart.  This enzyme is suitable for all EMC applications such as: cheese, slices and snacks.  It produces a flavour profile characterized by: intense free fatty acid flavours with some protein notes including sweaty, brothy and sulphur undertones.  (Confirmed by external sensory tester.)

This is the first microbial pancreatin lipase enzyme to be launched and it is set to open up whole new markets to EMC producers.

All of those enzymes are microbial and non-animal derived.  This means that EMC manufacturers can now for the first time enter Halal, Kosher and vegetarian markets.