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3rd November 2015


Biocatalysts Reduce Bitterness in Enzyme Modified Cheese Applications

Speciality enzyme manufacturer, Biocatalysts Ltd, continue to broaden their dairy enzyme range and extend their already vast knowledge and experience in enzyme modified cheese applications. The latest addition is Flavorpro™ 937MDP, a non-animal protease with a de-bittering action when added to enzyme modified cheese processes. Due to its fungal origins this high performing enzyme is available kosher, halal and vegetarian.

Flavorpro™ 937MDP is an exopeptidase preparation with low levels of endopeptidase activity. In enzyme modified cheese applications, the hydrolysis of cheese proteins by endopeptidases such as animal and bacterial proteases, can give rise to unwanted bitter flavours. This is due to the accumulation of small hydrophobic peptides. Exopeptidases, such as Flavorpro™ 937MDP can be used to control bitterness by removing these bitter-tasting peptides.

To find out more information on Flavorpro™ 937MDP please download the datasheet or alternatively email