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9th November 2015


Biocatalysts Published Yeast Extraction Technical Bulletin

Biocatalysts Ltd, a speciality enzyme development and manufacturing company, has published a new technical bulletin titled ‘The Use of Enzymes in Yeast Extraction’. This is an in-depth technical document which takes the reader through each stage of yeast extraction and details the way in which enzymes can improve this process.

Biocatalysts manufacture enzymes which play an important role in the extraction of yeast. This includes enzymes to accelerate the extraction process, increase yields, reduce viscosity, improve the solubilisation of debris, aid clarification, enhance flavour and more. One such example is Promod™ 950L, which is a microbial alternative to the traditionally used papain enzyme. The microbial origin of this comparative enzyme not only allows for use in kosher, halal and vegetarian products, but also removes variability of quality and supply associated with plant derived material.

To download Biocatalysts’ new technical bulletin or for more information on Promod™ 950L please visit or alternatively email