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29th November 2021


Biocatalysts Ltd launch Protease Preparation for the Valorisation of Animal Waste Protein

Enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme, Promod™ 324L, extending their range of enzymes for the pet food industry. It has been developed specifically with a unique blend of endopeptidase activities for the hydrolysis of animal waste protein.

Promod™ 324L (P324L) has a broad substrate specificity and is highly effective in the hydrolysis of both animal and fish protein. Use of enzymes, such as P324L, allows pet food ingredient manufacturers to begin to repurpose and add value to some of the 1.6 billion tonnes of food waste that is lost globally throughout the food chain each year (FAO)1.

Enzymatic degradation of animal protein using P324L can improve the processibility of the protein by increasing the solubility and reducing the viscosity of the protein. P324L can also be used to efficiently hydrolyse fibrous animal tissue to produce an animal protein hydrolysate with an increased accessible protein content. Improving the digestibility of animal protein enhances the nutritional uptake from the protein, increasing the value from an otherwise waste by-product.

Biocatalysts Ltd are committed to providing speciality enzymes, to enable customers to innovate and develop sustainable and greener consumer products. For further information or to arrange a sample of P324L, please contact Biocatalysts on or speak to us at Food Ingredients Europe, in Frankfurt.

1 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Food Wastage Footprint: Impacts on Natural Resources—Summary Report; FAO: Rome, Italy, 2013