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31st October 2015


Biocatalysts Ltd Launch a Microbial Alternative to Papain

Welsh enzyme specialists, Biocatalysts Ltd, announce the launch of their new enzyme Promod™ 950L. This non-genetically modified microbial protease preparation is a suitable alternative to papain and due to its microbial origin it is both Kosher and Halal.

Papain is derived from the tropical plant Carica Papaya and is widely used for meat tenderisation, flavour production, yeast hydrolysis and much more. Its seasonal crop variant plant origin means that its quality, price and supply may not always be constant. This can be overcome by using a microbial alternative such as Promod™ 950L which isn’t dependant on the production of seasonal fruit.

Promod™ 950L is an enzyme preparation with broad substrate specificity. It is particularly suitable for hydrolysis of baker’s and brewer’s yeast to increase protein solubility and yields during the manufacture of yeast extracts. Papain, which is also used to manufacture yeast extracts, contains sulphites which are required to stabilise its activity.  Sulphite is an allergen and needs to be declared on all food or drink labels if it is present over 10ppm in the final product. This is where Promod™ 950L differs, it doesn’t require sulphites to stabilise its activity and can therefore be used to manufacture yeast extracts with low sulphite content.