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14th October 2021


Biocatalysts Ltd Announce Plans for Further Investment for Second 10m³ Fermenter in Cardiff & Offer Flexible Upscaling Development towards Industrial Scale Fermentations

Following a successful first year since the installation of a 10m³ fermenter and downstream processing (DSP) equipment in their state-of-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility, Biocatalysts Ltd have announced the approval of a second 10m³ fermenter at their site in Cardiff.

With the drive towards sustainable manufacturing, many industries from large corporations to small- and medium-sized enterprises are looking to biotechnology for viable solutions. Microbial (or precision-) fermentation technologies enable the economic production of specific products from enzymes to proteins at vast commercial volumes.

The introduction of a second 10m³ fermenter enables Biocatalysts Ltd.’s manufacturing site in Cardiff to act as a pilot plant for medium-scale production and optimised tech-transfer for larger industrial scale fermentation.

Rod Sears-Black, Managing Director at Biocatalysts Ltd comments: ‘The continually evolving food and life science industries and drive to commercialise sustainable solutions is increasing the demand for fermentation capacity. This further investment will realise the next step in our ambition to have a viable path to fermentation at multiple scales to full commercial processes’.

New Fermentation Capacity Biocatalysts Ltd understand the biotechnology industry and have developed a solution-based package that can be tailored to individual customers’ manufacturing requirements. Having successfully run over 50 fermentation scale-up projects across multiple strain platforms from bacteria, yeast & fungi, Biocatalysts Ltd have gained significant experience in fermenting and producing a range of enzyme classes. Understanding the challenges of scale-up, their experience has shown that an integrated scale-up approach on route to large-scale fermentation can increase the success rate. With expertise in final product formulation and flexible scale up to larger commercial volumes, Biocatalysts Ltd are a preferred product supply partner for companies across food, pharmaceutical and life science industries.

In response to the growing challenges of scaling up bio-manufacturing processes, Biocatalysts Ltd have developed a comprehensive service package that can provide easy access and seamless scale-up to third-party industrial-scale fermentation and DSP capacity. Contact us here if you have any questions about scaling up your future innovations.