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Tailored food enzymes for optimizing functionality, taste and texture.



Optimize predictability with these solutions fit for any dietary requirements.

Flavorpro® 786MDP – clean tasting egg white hydrolysates.
Lipomod® 34MDP – optimized egg white foaming properties.
Lipomod® 833L2 / Lipomod® 699L – optimized egg yolk emulsification.

Egg-ProcessingMore about benefits of enzymes for egg white processing.



Bring alternative proteins to the premium level by upgrading flavor, texture and digestibility.

Promod® 24L – increasing solubility and digestibility.
Promod® 950L – increasing soya solubility.
Flavorpro® 795MDP – efficiently hydrolyses proteins.
Flavorpro® 750MDP – highly digestible animal and vegetable protein hydrolysates.

ProteinsMore about improving functional properties of plant proteins.



Keep your dairy-based infant nutrition healthy and tasty with these safe enzyme solutions.

Promod® 517MDP – improve solubility and digestibility.
Flavorpro® 766MDP – high degree of hydrolysis and low bitterness.
Flavorpro® 750MDP – superior tasting whey protein hydrolysates without bitterness.

IFT First BannerMore about protein hydrolysis and functionality in dairy processing.

enzyme modified cheese


Generate unique flavor profiles for your enzyme modified dairy ingredients.

Lipomod® 4MDP – unique sharp, cheesy and salty flavor profile.
Lipomod® 166MDP – delicate flavors and cream notes.
Flavorpro® UMAMI 852MDP – strong umami flavor profile.

EMCMore about optimizing flavors of dairy ingredients with enzymes.



Commercialize your enzyme-catalysed synthesis of carbohydrates.

Dedicated technical team to support your project.
Full product optimization from fermentation to downstream processing.
Reliable supply of enzymes at commercial scale.
Regulatory compliance support.

carbohydrateRead about our enzyme development and manufacturing case study on carbohydrate modification.

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Inside the BRAIN Group, six specialized companies combine their skills to discover, develop and deliver tailored-made, specialty enzymes for the food and beverage industries. Our joint capabilities transfer your unique requirements into economic and compliant enzyme products that create value for your business. Click the logos to learn more about them.

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