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At Biocatalysts Inc, we cater to a wide range of food sectors, and for ‘IFT first’ delegates we have collated technical information we think will give you a better understanding of how enzymes are used to improve ingredients.



Need help with improving the functionality of your protein ingredients? Read our technical bulletins below to find out how enzymes can help improve: solubility, stability, digestibility to name but a few.
The Use of Enzymes in the Production of Superior Pea Protein Hydrolysates
Superior Benefits of Enzymes in the Production of Plant Protein Hydrolysates



Eggs are a valuable ingredient to the food industry, click on link below to find out how enzymes can improve the quality of the protein and lipid functional attributes of egg.
The Use of Enzymes in Egg Processing Technical Bulletin


Fruit & Veg

Fruit and vegetables have highly complex cell wall structures that needs to be broken down during processing; find out how Biocatalysts range of enzymes can help, thus improving extraction yields in the links below.
The Use of Enzymes in Carrot Processing Technical Bulletin
The Use of Enzymes In Fruit Juice and Cider Processing Technical Bulletin

Dairy/Enzyme Modified Cheese

Dairy Proteins / Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients

Dairy proteins are high value nutritional and functional ingredients read the technical bulletin below to find out how enzymes can enhance these characteristics. Or if your interest is in using enzymes to enhance the flavour of dairy ingredients please click on the second link.
The Use of Enzymes in Dairy Protein Hydrolysates Technical Bulletin
The Use of Enzymes for Dairy Flavour Enhancement Technical Bulletin

To find specific products for each of these sectors, click here to download a datasheet or order a FREE sample, or use the search function in the toolbar above.

IFT First Banner
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