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We are back at Food Ingredients Europe 2021!



Eggs are a valuable ingredient to the food industry, click on links below to find out how enzymes can improve the quality of the protein and lipid functional attributes of egg.

The Use of Enzymes in Egg Processing Technical Bulletin.
Improve your Emulsification Properties with Biocatalysts Lipase, Lipomod® 833L2.

Dairy/Enzyme Modified Cheese

Dairy Proteins / Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients

Dairy proteins are high value nutritional and functional ingredients. Read more below to find out how enzymes can enhance these characteristics or flavour of dairy ingredients.

The Use of Enzymes in Dairy Protein Hydrolysates Technical Bulletin.
The Use of Enzymes for Dairy Flavour Enhancement Technical Bulletin.
The Use of Enzymes for Flavour Development in Enzyme Modified Cheese Summary.
The Use of Enzymes for Modified Dairy Ingredients Infographic.

Enzyme Manufacturing Plant

Biocatalysts’ Enzyme Manufacturing Plant

Biocatalysts Ltd, have delivered the first customer product that was fermented and processed in their state-of-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility. The unique enzyme was scaled up and commercialised in <10 months to meet the demands of the customers’ manufacturing schedule. The company recently announced approved plans to invest in a second 10m³ fermenter in the in-house facility. See the video below to learn more about our in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Enzyme Discovery, Development & Manufacturing Brochure.

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Visit Dr Jessica Rehdorf, Dr Patrick Lorenz and Dr Katja Riedel from BRAIN Biotech, at this years in-person & virtual Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt, Germany.

Click here to download the BRAIN Group corporate presentation and learn about the complete toolkit of services available.