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How can I pay?

Depending on the currency of your quotation, you will receive an invoice in Sterling, US Dollars or Euros. You can pay by electronic funds transfer to our bank.

Contact us using for bank details.

Do you accept Debit/Credit Card payments?

We operate a Paypal facility for one-off payments, details of this are on the relevant page of our website.

What is your VAT number?

Should you require this for import purposes, our VAT Number is GB 477 6791 81.

What is the tariff code?

All our standard products are covered by tariff code 3507 9090, and this is stated on all of our invoices. However, you should ensure this is agreed in the country of importation to avoid ambiguity or confusion at Customs.

When are financial payments made?

Our finance department makes a BACS payment twice a month.