Customised Enzyme Development & Manufacture

Biocatalysts develop and manufacture speciality enzymes from small to large scale quantities for a variety of industries, such as food, flavour & fragrance, life science, pharma and fine chemicals. We are the only company offering a rapid, low-cost speciality enzyme service from discovery phase through to global shipment of regulatory compliant enzymes.

No One Can Do What We Do

Our Enzyme Development & Manufacturing business model is cutting edge – no one in the world can do what we do in the way that we do it. People will say that we can’t, but a key function of this site is to let you know that we can. This service has been successfully used for various applications in a number of different industries e.g. food, flavour & fragrance, life science, pharma, fine chemicals and more.

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Biocatalysts Ltd Launch Lipomod™ 767P, a Versatile Lipase for the Hydrolysis & Esterification of Oils & Fats

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