About Biocatalysts

For over 30 years, Biocatalysts has used its wide range of technical, commercial and regulatory capabilities to exceed our customers’ enzyme expectations.


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Business Integrity

Biocatalysts Environmental Strategy and Climate Commitment

Our climate commitment starts at the very top of our organization and an excerpt from our Environmental Health and Safety Policy states:

 Waste production will be kept to a minimum, recycling and reuse will be actively encouraged, and we will endeavour to reduce energy use throughout all our activities’.

Annually we comply with IS014001 Environmental Standard and are audited extensively as a facility. In order to maintain compliance operationally, the facility has quarterly environmental meetings which ensure we manage and review environmental objectives, compliance, obligations, audits, opportunities for improvement, monitoring and results, legislation changes and finally environmental aspects & impacts.

The environmental ‘team’ are a set of employees multi-disciplined and cross functional across the organisation, dedicated to ensuring we achieve our climate commitment and environmental objectives.

World class environmental initiatives are holistic across the organisation, examples of recent strategic achievements include:

  • Achieving ‘zero-to-landfill’ status in 2019. All future manufacturing at Biocatalysts is achieved within a ‘zero-to-landfill’ facility.
  • We have innovatively engineered a supplier’s waste stream and developed a strategic product for the food industry.
  • We have designed and implemented 100% recyclable packaging for all our powder blended products (approx. 400,000kg per annum).
  • Redesigned our product packaging to increase pallet capacity by 42% therefore reducing air and sea freight requirements and carbon footprint.
  • Installed new facility heating and cooling monitoring systems with localized interactive control instrumentation.
  • As part of our new fermentation facility a potential annual 80T of liquid waste is being sent for anaerobic digestion and used for renewable energy.

As the 2019/20 ‘Wales #1 sustainable company’ award winners we are proud of our ongoing commitment to improving the environment and our dedicated climate change commitment.


Creating & implementing new processes, products or services that significantly improves outcomes, efficiencies, effectiveness or quality.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Biocatalysts Ltd. Biotechnology is constantly changing and evolving and we as a company continually challenge ourselves to find innovative ways to implement these new tools, techniques and application into our manufacturing processes, products and service offering.

We have a passion for taking these new technologies and making them work for us and our customers. From using bioinformatics to identify novel enzymes, to using ultra scale down techniques to improve enzyme recovery from biomass to installing a state-of-the-art Siemens software system to run our enzyme manufacturing plant to maximise capacity and enhance efficiencies.

If you want to work with a forward think innovative driven company then come and talk to Biocatalysts Ltd.  We regularly run or attend innovation days; we find that getting the right people together to discuss key topics and the ways in which enzymes can help you get to your end goal resonates really well with customers. “Open Innovation” is a well-known concept which can be combined with Biocatalysts’ commitment to customer confidentiality Whether you have a specific problem to solve or are a Finance Director looking strategically at saving money, enzymes could offer up an alternative that previously was not considered.

Commodity Enzymes

Biocatalysts is a speciality enzyme company.

We do not supply enzymes for the following markets:

  • Animal feed
  • Bulk papain
  • Detergent
  • Textile

We are not set up to produce huge quantities of enzyme and are much better suited to strategic partnerships with companies who do not have price as the most important driver in their purchasing strategy.

Our approach is to provide the best, most cost effective solution for our customers in the sectors we choose to operate in. Currently this includes, dairy, protein, dietetic, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, flavour and fruit and vegetable processing.