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10th March 2021


Highlights of the 5th ECP Online Networking Event

Author: Jason Grech
Role: Business Manager
Biocatalysts Ltd 5th European Chemistry Partnering 2021

In this difficult year virtual events have become a new phenomenon and something that have become part of normal business life.

The 5th ECP (European Chemistry Partnering) Speed Dating Event was a way to defy the Coronavirus restrictions and allow chemical businesses to showcase their offerings and safely network, globally across many disciplines. It was attended by 382 participants from 30 countries over the three days. One of the emerging features of virtual events is that it favours the smaller players. The low costs allow start-ups and SME’s to have an achievable international stage.

For Biocatalysts Ltd the event was an opportunity to make new connections, especially with these new innovative companies. The ECP online event gave us a platform to introduce our speciality enzyme products and our capabilities as a manufacturing partner that enables companies to take the next step and scale up their enzyme requirements.
This is an event focused on the chemistry sector an area where biotransformation, replacing classical harsh chemistry techniques with efficient enzymic reactions, is very much an important growth area. At Biocatalysts Ltd we offer businesses the opportunities to scale up their required enzyme production in a rapid and cost-effective way in our newly expanded state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The buzz phrase of this event was ‘circular economy’ or more specifically ‘circular bio economy’. A process of reusing, recycling and re-manufacturing to reduce waste and valorising side streams. Biocatalysts Ltd has found great success in helping our customers to make use of their previous waste products to make new commercial outlets, leading to more economic, sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses.

Virtual events are not perfect, there can be technology issues, finding suitable contacts can be challenging and many miss the personal connection. However, they offer something different to live events, they are certainly a more environmental and cost-effective option and enable businesses to continue to network and discuss innovation opportunities from the emerging trends within the market. Maybe there is a place in business for both live and virtual events beyond the pandemic.


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