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10th December 2020


Biocatalysts Ltd Review Biotechnology Consumer Trends of 2020

Author: Benedict D’Alessandro
Role: Internal Sales Executive

2020; global pandemic, virtual events, remote working and telling your colleagues ‘they are muted’.

Biocatalysts Ltd BioBox

Covid-19 has impacted all conventions, summits and exhibitions and FIE 2020 was no different this month; with the usual hustle and bustle of the tradeshow replaced with 15-minute speed networking calls and video presentations. After getting to grips with the website, time started to fly, with the new format facilitating rapid networking and the ability to ‘search’ for someone at the touch of a few buttons. Furthermore, the conference spanned 2 weeks, allowing attendees to balance day-to-day operations with the FIE Connect presentations and 1-2-1 meetings.

Plant protein substrates, clean labels and dairy alternatives dominated presentations, showing the continued global rise in demands for animal-free alternatives.

It appears that veganism is here to stay and is a lifestyle choice that many are choosing: With many projecting huge rises in market share, representing the emergence of a multi-billion-pound industry.
Start-ups and large multinationals are trying to innovate within this space alike, all wanting to: improve textures, flavours and the nutritional value of their animal-free alternatives. The challenge is how to do this whilst keeping their target audiences happy. Consumers are growing wise to the impact of their purchasing power, their demand for ethically sourced and clean label products has driven businesses to look at how they source and manufacture their products. There has been a definite shift towards using biotechnological processes, from fermenting novel proteins, using enzymes in innovative manufacturing processes and looking at how BioActives can be used in developing new products.

From Biocatalysts’ perspective, we have an exciting opportunity to work with these innovators, FIE Connect enabled us to have many interesting meetings discussing enzymatic solutions to varied production and finished product challenges and we were able to offer our support and perspective to the ever-changing global regulatory landscape. We also had fruitful discussions on offering our services to scale up some of these novel fermentation processes in our new state-of-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility.

2020 has been a year of change for everyone, we have all had time to reflect on its impact personally, and from a market sector perspective the underlying trends which have become more crystallised are those focusing on health, diet and sustainability. During 2021, whilst the food industry recovers from the impact COVID has had on the worldwide supply chain and the hospitality sector, they must continue to look at innovative ways to meet their enlightened customers’ requirements.

If you would like more information on how our enzymes can provide solutions to your challenges as you develop your ingredients, contact us.


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