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11th July 2020


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Take a Virtual Tour through Biocatalysts Ltd’s Working Enzyme Manufacturing Facility

See the full video of how this new facility is changing Biocatalysts Ltd’s capabilities and improving their service for their existing and new customers.


Biocatalysts Ltd: LIPES Project to Develop Enzymes for Vegetable Oil Hydrolysis

Biocatalysts Ltd’s New Product Development Manager, Aelig Robin, explains the partnership with LIPES and how Biocatalysts Ltd develops new enzymes.


Biocatalysts Ltd & UCL Winners of IChemE Global Food & Drink Awards 2020

In this video Biocatalysts Ltd’s Process Improvement Scientist, Davy Rowan, presents the project between University College London and Biocatalysts that won the IChemE Global Food & Drink Awards 2020.


Biocatalysts Ltd: Enzyme Manufacturing Plant Capabilities Showcase

Biocatalysts Ltd’s Commercial Director, Daren Bryce takes you through our enzyme discovery and manufacturing process including the new, on-site, enzyme manufacturing facility.


MetXtra™ – Rapid and Rational Enzyme Discovery

Our proprietary MetXtra™ platform allows us to rationally and rapidly identify completely novel enzymes from large metagenomic libraries and databases. This includes our very own metagenomic libraries that have been sourced from diverse environmental niches such as hot/cold, acid/alkaline and saline. The results are filtered through numerous algorithms within MetXtra™ to refine the candidate enzyme list. Refinement encompasses customer specifications and requirements, such as solubility, pH and temperature, so that the final enzyme panel is targeted specifically to their needs. This rational selection process ultimately gives fast, low cost access to enzymes with a higher probability of being commercially successful.


Biocatalysts Ltd: A Knowledge and Technology Based Company

Operating in the industrial biotechnology industry means, by default, we are a high technology company relying on knowledge and capabilities for state-of-the-art methods for enzyme discovery, development and manufacture. So, from a technology perspective, we are very knowledge hungry – we spend a lot of time developing in house technology knowledge for enzyme discovery, development and scale up to manufacture. Listen to Dr Andrew Ellis, Technical Director, talk about how the development of knowledge and new technical capabilities at Biocatalysts is orientated towards innovating for and benefiting our customers.


Applying Operational Excellence to Exceed our Customers’ Enzyme Expectations

Craig Galeozzie, Operations Manager, and Mark Jones, Production Supervisor, talk about how Biocatalysts apply operational excellence. From the strategy of our Supply Chain management, to satisfying the enzyme delivery requirements of our customers, the complete cycle of operations is a transparent, measured process, focused on exceeding customer expectations.


Project Management at Biocatalysts

Biocatalysts is a project based company operating a robust project management system based on the widely recognised PRINCE2® and MSP® principles. Jane Price, Project Manager, talks about how efficient and effective project management systems are key for the successful development of new commercial enzymes, ensuring that the focus is on the customer’s objectives.


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