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18th March 2020


Biocatalysts Enzyme Manufacturing Plant Extension Part IV

Author: Craig Galeozzie
Role: Director of Operations

Capabilities, Commissioning and Completion.

With the installation project completed and commissioning fully underway, it is extremely satisfying to finally see equipment being powered for the first time as it engages with process lines and pipework. The upgrading of site utilities was a key milestone in the early stages of the extension project and the foundations on which we designed the process, witnessing them ‘go-live’ is a great achievement for the project team.

Picture 1: 10,000L Fermentation and Down Stream Process Installation.

Full plant commissioning is a 3-month project within itself, and we have committed key staff to supervise and agree satisfactory acceptance of each element of the commissioning plan. The final stages of commissioning is the completion of 3 production batches which tests all parameters of the plant from fermentation right through to the down-stream-process.
Working alongside key equipment suppliers we firmly believe that we have managed to deliver a unique fully automated ‘LEAN’ manufacturing process, with integrated flexibility to suit any existing or potential customer requirements.

Supporting annual fermentation volumes exceeding 360,000L requires aligned down-stream processing that efficiently transforms harvested material into finished product. Working strategically with a wide range of suppliers has delivered a process which features state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we maximise yield recovery at every stage of the process.
The extension is capable of E. coli, Pichia, Bacillus and Yarrowia fermentations and subsequent down-stream-processing. The new fermentation capacity increases our existing portfolio, thus extending our fermentation volumetric scales to 3L, 75L, 2 x 750L and 10,000L.
Finished product is as always flexible to specific customer requirements, and we have access to freeze/spray drying, liquid or powder final product formulations.

Picture 2: Ultrafiltration & Bactofiltration Process Installation.

Future Development
The project doesn’t stop here…. our post commissioning activity will focus on staff training, process familiarisation, operability and optimisation. The Siemens PCS7 operating system is a new addition to our manufacturing strategy, we intend to fully utilise this software to ensure we maximise process performance and integrate it within our process control mechanisms.
The plant design has been ‘future-proofed’ to accommodate planned business expansion. The installation of methanol feed and the addition of a second 10,000L fermenter are all current projects to further increase our site capabilities.

Finally, at Biocatalysts we are always keen to minimise any negative effect our business may have on the environment. We have been working in conjunction with Welsh Water to enable our process waste to be recycled into renewable energy via anaerobic digestion. How we successfully integrated this into our routine manufacturing practice will feature in a future blog.

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