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8th January 2020


Reflection on 2019 at Biocatalysts

2019 has been a year of transition and evolution for Biocatalysts.
Below are a few of the key moments.

A New Managing Director
In January we introduced Rod Sears-Black as the new Managing Director at Biocatalysts, (bringing almost 40 years’ experience working within the food industry) and said goodbye to Stuart West who after 25 years stepped down. Stuart’s drive and commitment has seen the company grow into a world-renowned speciality enzyme solution provider, with sales worldwide.
Rod acknowledged he joined the company at an exciting time, ‘Biocatalysts has an appetite to keep evolving, which is reflected in the significant investment in the new 11,000 sq ft extension, that will see Biocatalysts’ fermentation capacity increase more than 16-fold. I look forward to the challenge of continuing Stuart’s vision, of moving Biocatalysts along the path of innovation and growth.’

Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation Biocatalysts
In April Biocatalysts was named one of the best businesses in the country, winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.
The award recognised Biocatalysts’ drive to develop a process that fundamentally changes how novel enzymes are discovered, developed and manufactured. Incorporating MetXtra™, a software system developed in-house, that can screen millions of metagenome sequences in a few hours to identify new enzymes, followed by our design for manufacture process that can provide laboratory grade samples within weeks, and fully scaled up commercial enzymes within months instead of years. During 2020 we will continue to innovate and introduce new technology that will keep our commitment to provide the best service and support to our customers.

BRAIN Group attending IFT
In June BRAIN A.G. and Analyticon joined Biocatalysts at IFT in New Orleans, joining forces enabled us to offer a unique customer focussed combination of resources and technologies to provide value to the food industry. The consolidated capabilities and expertise of the BRAIN Group means that we can provide novel enzymes, natural ingredients and bio-based solutions to support the development of unique foods, beverages and ingredients in the nutrition and health sectors.

Events from 2019 Biocatalysts
As always, we were very busy throughout 2019 attending events across the globe. The stand out shows for us were IFT held in New Orleans during June, and FiE in Paris early December. These are key shows for Biocatalysts giving us the opportunity to have many interesting discussions with food scientists about their challenges and how we can support them, as well as find out about the hot topics and up and coming trends that are influencing the food industry.
We attended many other shows throughout the year. Here are some of them. If you have time, click through to find out our experience and insights.
Festival of Genomics
Nutraceuticals Europe
Southern California IFTs Suppliers Night
VitaFoods Europe
Food Matters Live

Novel Projects
During 2019 we continued to engage and collaborate in novel projects working with partners to develop new enzymes such as the LIPES – “Life Integrated Process for the Enzymatic Splitting of triglycerides” project and with universities to share knowledge and technology, as we have blogged and talked about with University College London UCL. Involvement in projects such as these ensures Biocatalysts are at the forefront of biotechnology innovation and we anticipate 2020 will be no different as we actively look for further project opportunities.

If you would like more information on how our enzymes can provide solutions to your challenges as you develop your ingredients, contact us.


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