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19th December 2019


Food Ingredients Europe 2019

This was my first time at FiE, what a massive event this is! The premier place to learn about the latest novel food ingredients, and what a lot of options there were to gain insight on. From clean label and free-from foods, sugar or salt alternatives, texture, taste and shelf life improvers to the more theoretical personalised dietary foods and supplements, it was all covered.
The big issue for me was how to meet the modern consumer demands. Consumers are wanting healthy products that are not over processed (the fewer the ingredients the better), that are ethically sourced, allergen free and still have good texture and taste. It’s a big challenge but if you can hit all these then your product will have a high chance of success.
For ingredient suppliers who are offering an alternative to the more traditional food components such as milk, animal protein, sugar and wheat, it was clear from the event that their products must be clean label and free-from ingredients that have a good taste and texture but are still functional and can be manipulated in industrial food processes.

From Biocatalysts’ perspective we had lots of interest from companies on how enzymes can help develop these new novel ingredients specifically in the plant-based meat market and healthy low- or free-from markets. The questions we were being asked were how enzymes can improve texture, solubility, digestibility and flavour of these alternative food sources. We were more than happy to share our knowledge and technical bulletins on these subjects.
I went away from the conference having a better understanding of the challenges that our customers face. I was also impressed with the innovative approaches the market is taking to provide the consumer with novel products they want.

It will be interesting over the next year to see what products succeed, how the market changes, what will be the next big trend, will veganism still be riding high, and will western culture accept insect-based products?

If you would like more information on how our enzymes can provide solutions to your challenges as you develop your ingredients, contact us.


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