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7th June 2019


Producing Superior Pea Protein Hydrolysates

peas_medres_500x500_acf_croppedHistorically, the first plant protein to be used specifically as an alternative to animal protein was soy.  However, over the last 5-10 years additional alternatives have been sought after and pea protein ingredients have become very popular due to their functional and nutritional properties and lower allergenicity.

Biocatalysts’ Promod™ and Flavorpro™ protease enzymes can be used to add value and improve the functionality of pea protein hydrolysates, thus increasing their potential use as an alternative protein source. Proteases can be used to partially hydrolyse pea proteins, thus improving the solubility and application potential of pea proteins. In addition to improving pea protein solubility, enzymes can also be used to create different flavours, improve foaming, emulsification, texture and bioactive properties of pea proteins.

Download our technical bulletin to find out more about these improvements and which enzymes you should be using to produce superior pea protein hydrolysates.

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