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17th June 2019


IFT 2019 – Clean Label, Sugar Reduction and Protein

Author: Scott Turowski, Business Manager – Biocatalysts Inc

IFT2019We had a great group representing Biocatalysts at IFT19 down in “The Big Easy”. There was a really good turnout of very engaged attendees who were keen to discuss how their companies can collaborate on innovation and continue to drive the industry forward.

One of the main topics of the show was clean label, which continues to be a key focus that is becoming the standard, particularly for new product development. This is being led by consumer concerns about GMOs, as well as demand for products created with all-natural ingredients. It also intersects with the health and nutrition trend of reducing sugar. While sugar reduction is important to consumers, it is equally important that it be accomplished with natural ingredients. It was great to see companies continue to innovate in this area. The third trend that was evident and feels like is here to stay for a while, is the consumer demand for high protein products.  Innovation continues in this area as companies seek to identify new sources and functionalities that can be beneficial in a variety of applications. Novel, plant-based proteins have emerged as a key area of focus and there is no doubt that there’s a great deal of innovation to come. For more information on how plant proteins are being used as functional ingredients read our white paper.

Thank you to everybody that stopped by our booth, we really enjoyed all of the great discussions and are excited to continue those conversations. We look forward to seeing all of you again next year in Chicago!


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