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17th May 2019


VitaFoods Europe 2019

Author: Valeria Valkova, Business Manager

20190508_122235.1It was a pleasure to visit Vitafoods, as I believe what we put in our bodies effects our daily lives and influences our health and lifestyle. It was interesting to discuss this with so many people who are looking to influence what we put in our bodies on a daily bases to improve our health for the better.

I saw many innovations in the nutraceutical sector, from digestive aids to bioactive vitamins and minerals.  Also on display was a number of unique ingredients extracted from different plants, algae and omega 3 products including CBD oils and peptides, all offering health benefits. What was most noticeable, in comparison with previous years, was the number of new ingredients which have scientific studies or clinical trial data to support the health benefit claims of the products. Perhaps this indicates the maturing of the nutraceutical market to become more evidence-based than it has been in the past.

Allied to this is the way in which the protein market is becoming more specialised. Several large multi-national companies, such as BASF, were promoting highly specific peptides, which give highly specific benefits for the consumer. These types of products are becoming highly segmented, particularly in the dairy protein market where companies are focussing on specific stages of life, whether it is nutrition for elderly people or for the early stages of life. There is also a broadening in the prebiotic market, which has for several years been focussed primarily on GOS, FOS and inulin, with a number of companies promoting either new specific oligosaccharides or those based on different materials, such as mannan (MOS), which convey varying effects on health.

As the data is starting to show, the next generation of health food already exists!


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